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Meet Taylor Stacey

Chiropractic Assistant

Taylor was pretty unsure and a little bit scared of chiropractic when her Fiancé Adam first suggested that they go see Dr. Ryan. She kept an open mind and went anyway. Upon arriving to the office she was very surprised to learn that there would be no “popping or cracking” and that made the process a lot more interesting to her! Dr. Ryan explained what NUCCA chiropractic was and she was sold! After Taylor’s first adjustment she started feeling things change right away and felt a million times better after every visit! She also loved being able to see how her alignment changed on the x-rays.

When the opportunity to work at Precision Spinal Care came up Taylor knew she wanted to rise to the challege! This would give her a chance to not only see other peoples health improve, but she would also be able to learn more about NUCCA chiropractic and share this knowledge with her family and friends!

  • Fun Facts: I grew up in London, Ontario and moved to Calgary in 2015. I love cooking and graduated from culinary management in 2013 at Lambton College.
  • Favorite Exercise: I love riding my mountain bike! I also recently have taken up yoga, which I’m loving!
  • Top Health Tip: Try to do something active every day and try new things to find something you love!
  • Why I love Precision Spinal Care: I love Precision Spinal Care because we’re here to help people! I love seeing clients health improve and I love working with the amazing people that make that happen!
  • How long have you been working with the Precision Spinal Care team? I’ve been working in Silverado with our team for over 6 months!


Taylor Stacey | (403) 201-1954