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Auto Accident Care

You were in a Motor Vehicle Accident, now what?

Woman holding neck after accidentA car accident, no matter how big or small, has the potential for serious consequences if left untreated. There are many layers to injury that don’t always show up right away. Arthritis, accelerated degeneration and other forms of damage can occur if the injury is not fixed and stabilized. The longer your spine stays out of alignment, the longer it can take to recover.

We Have Years of Experience

At Precision Spinal Care, we are trained in Motor Vehicle Accident procedures and have many years of experience in treating whiplash, neck pain, sprains, strains, concussions and their associated symptoms. We work with the best auto-body shops to help get your car up and running again and an amazing team of injury lawyers to help settle any personal injury claim. Our goal is to get you back up and running as fast and complete as possible.

Car Accidents in Calgary SW

In Calgary SW, during the initial 90 days following a car accident, no matter if you are at fault or not, whether you were the driver or the passenger, your care is covered and direct billed for you. During our free consultation, we will outline the process for you. We also work with other outstanding professionals during the course of your care including therapeutic massage therapy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy to complement your NUCCA chiropractic care.

Let’s address your injuries now!

Symptoms of a car accident can come immediately, within a short time or years down the road. In practice, we all too often see patients seeking care who are suffering from hidden injuries they sustained in car accidents years previous. Successful treatment of car accident injuries takes time and skill and our team is prepared to help you successfully address your issues. Don’t wait, address your issues now!


The fast and abrupt forces involved in a collision, even one as slow as 6 km/h, causes the head to move back and forth very quickly. This can cause damage to ligaments, muscles and tendons.

The area where the head meets the neck is the weakest region of the human spine. Injury in this very complex area can buckle it causing whiplash.

Headaches, Migraines and Neck pain

The tissues in the neck include muscle, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. These tissues, along with the joints and discs of the upper cervical spine, can be affected by a car accident. Pain can spread to the shoulders, arms and hands, and into the head.

Injuries to the joints in the neck and surrounding soft tissue can cause headaches, migraines or neck pain. By treating this delicate area, it can help alleviate pain.

Back pain

The forces in a car accident can cause your body to compress and stretch in many ways and back pain is a common symptom of this. Due to the seatbelt holding your lower back, upper back, and neck in place, the whip-like action often cause these areas to hurt.


There are many potential causes of dizziness, but in a car accident, we see muscle spasms from whiplash as a culprit. When signals, that the eyes and neck send to the brain, are different than what is transmitted to the inner ear, dizziness can occur.

TMJ or Jaw pain

TMJ, also known as temporomandibular joint pain, can occur during a whiplash injury due to the connections the jaw has with the altered position of the head. You can have pain when chewing, as well as a cracking and popping in the joint. Headaches often accompany this disorder.

Ready to Get Started

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