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Meet Dr. Ryan Brown | NUCCA Chiropractor

Why Chiropractic Care?

Simply put, I had no idea! I didn’t even know that the word “chiropractic” existed, let alone that people actually went to one to prevent future health problems or take care of current health issues. Was I in for a learning experience!

Calgary Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Brown and his wife Marie

Dr. Ryan Brown and his wife Marie

I remember the day it happened. After many years of skiing, but fairly new at snowboarding, I followed some friends off of a cliff and did not land right. I ended up hurting my knee really bad. I could barely walk. I tried many different things but nothing seemed to work. The final step was to look at surgery. One of my good friends knew I was uneasy with going that route, so he suggested I see a chiropractor.

I had no idea what a chiropractor could do for my knee, but I had been everywhere else, so I reluctantly went, as I was desperate to get things back to normal. I began care with him and he adjusted my spine. I thought my problem was in my knee since it was hurting, not my neck or back! Needless to say, within a couple of weeks, I was back on the hill again. That is where it all started. Although I wasn’t fully aware of it at that time, this was the start of something wonderful in my future.

Choosing NUCCA

I have always said that the best things have happened to me since I met my wife, and this is no exception. She has taught me a lot, but what I learned from her experience has changed my life and that of thousands of other people as a result. My wife, Marie, had been suffering from migraine headaches for many years, and about every other week she had one. She would get them so badly that she couldn’t do anything but go to bed for a day or two. I would rub her neck and wait for the pain medication to kick in, and then she would be asleep. Hopefully, the next day would be better, but not always. As a new husband, I had no idea what to do for her. When we arrived in Davenport, Iowa, one of the first things I did was get her under the care of some of the top doctors in the clinic at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Miraculously, she began responding and, instead of headaches every week or two, it was down to every month. This was heaven-sent. But then I was to discover something truly amazing that would change my course forever. At the end of my first trimester, a friend of mine told me about a technique that was so gentle that most people did not even believe anything was happening, but was producing phenomenal results. Skeptical, but interested, I began my research. Soon after, I decided that I would try it to see if it had any validity. I didn’t feel anything right away, but decided to stick with it. Before long, I noticed some big improvements in my health, in the way my body felt, and in my overall sense of being. I was of course curious to see if it could help my wife. A student doctor started to take care of her, and my wife saw results almost immediately. After some time under care, she completely stopped having headaches! It was at this point, when I saw the changes in myself and my wife and the results we got, that I decided to dedicate my life to learning all about the NUCCA technique and mastering it so that I could help many others in the same way that my wife had been helped.

Becoming A Chiropractor

After receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2003 from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, where he specialized in the NUCCA Technique, Dr. Ryan went to Kent, Washington to further his training with one of the top doctors in the NUCCA field. After a couple of years there, he decided to move his family back to Calgary – his hometown – and start up Precision Spinal Care. The greatest joy he found in his practice in Kent was the way people’s lives were improving. “That is the ultimate goal I have for all of my patients, to have them see improvement in their lives. I want to help them with that, no matter how small the part I play. The joy that is felt to see people do things they thought they had to give up before is what it’s all about.”

“One of the things I remember best about the first trimester of my chiropractic schooling was an instructor named Gale Luellen. He taught the first year neurology course. Did he ever know his brains! It was in this class that I really began to discover my passion for the nervous system. I was intrigued at how it controlled every aspect of life within the body, how it reached out to the smallest cell, and how it helped to heal and regulate the entire body. I remember picking up a brain and thinking to myself, ‘This magnificent organ controlled someone’s body, housed someone’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, allowed this person to experience so many sensations, and embraced years worth of memories.’ It was a humbling experience, and one I never forgot.”

On a Personal Note

Dr. Ryan Brown's children

Dr. Ryan Brown’s four children

Dr. Ryan is married to Marie and they have four beautiful children. When asked what his kids are like, Dr. Ryan asks people if they have seen the movie “The Incredibles.” If they have, they will know the character Dash. “These are my boys to a tee,” he says, “they have two gears, full tilt, and sleeping.” They were both adjusted right after birth, and they have never received an antibiotic. (If that sounds interesting to you, be sure to ask Dr. Ryan to explain!).

When not practicing, Dr. Ryan loves to go mountain biking, water-skiing, and snowboarding. “Anything that gets me outdoors and challenges me is what I enjoy.” He also plays the piano and has even composed a few songs, just for fun. Most of all, if asked about his favorite activity, it is spending time with his family. They are his greatest love and joy in his life.

Since his wife’s improvement under chiropractic care, Dr. Ryan has appreciated the wonderful benefits of including chiropractic care into his family’s lifestyle. “It’s not just about getting rid of the pain, but to keep your body in a state that you rarely get to that point, it’s about prevention. That is why I get adjusted.” Dr. Ryan believes that, in order to promote health, you must also practice it. “I’ve changed a lot of bad habits in my life; I exercise daily, I eat right, and of course, get my alignment checked regularly.”

“My purpose,” says Dr. Ryan, “is to help people understand how to take care of this wonderful gift they’ve been given: their body. They have all of the potential locked up inside, I want to help unleash it so that they can lead a more balanced and healthy life. I want to help people understand the critical role that proper balance plays in the expression of health, no matter what age!”

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