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Meet the Team

Angie Ferlaino – Chiropractic Assistant

Angie began her career in the corporate world about several years ago. As she made her way up the corporate ladder, she became disillusioned by the impersonal nature of the industry. Angie also noticed the complete disregard the company had for the health of their employees. Dealing with several health issues herself, she began searching out different career options. Angie acquired her personal training certification soon after. She also completed her degree in Holistic Nutrition in September of 2013 and began pursuing her dream of working in the medical field.

Angie and her husband Dave welcomed their son Matty into the world in 2015. He has brought joy and a new sense of adventure into their lives. For the first few years of Matty’s life Angie was blessed to to be able to stay home with their son, while working part time providing nutrition assessments.

Angie enjoys living an active lifestyle. She has been involved in martial arts for almost 25 years including Karate, Judo and for the last 8 years, Muay Thai Kickboxing. She competes regularly in hockey as well as races such as The Spartan, Mud Hero and The Zombie Run.

Nutrition and fitness are Angie’s passions. She believes balance is the key to a happy and healthy life and that proper nutrition, regular activity and stress management are the means by which to achieve balance. She believes healing begins on the inside and what’s on the inside will be reflected on the outside.

Marie Brown – DōTERRA Wellness Advocate/Reception

Marie is the proud mother of 4 beautiful children! She is bubbly, energetic and an individual who is always looking for ways to help others. Marie loves all things natural and loves to be creative! She along with her husband Dr. Ryan Brown share a passion for health and the desire to help others live a life improved!! They own Precision Spinal Care a health and wellness clinic, where they can make this a reality everyday alongside their amazing team!

Over the past few years Marie has been using essential oils in her home. She loves the natural approach to wellness and the way that oils support our bodies innate healing process. As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Marie wants to share her knowledge and excitement about these safe, natural and powerful tools that have been grown from the earth. She has seen first hand how Essential Oils help combat stress, injury and ailments that most families face daily. Marie wants to transform the way families manage their health and support informed, health conscious, decision makers from all stages of life.

Jennifer Marks – BodyTalk Practitioner

Jennifer strives to inspire the world with her passion for health and wellness. Her aim is to help transform as many lives as possible through the teachings of the BodyTalk system.

Throughout Jennifer’s career she has had many varied educational experiences and incorporates these skills from that journey into her daily practice. During her previous career, Jennifer encountered health issues that led her to discover the BodyTalk system. BodyTalk helped her break through and heal. Her interest in this mind-body medicine had her recommend it to countless members in her personal network and community.

Her passion and interest grew to a point that she immersed herself in BodyTalk courses and dedicated herself to learning and growing within the BodyTalk community. Since her certification in 2009, Jennifer continues to grow and see a variety of clients. Her experiences have led her to sessions with people of all ages including infants, young children and seniors. She also works with people who have developmental disabilities and animals.

The BodyTalk system is known to make a difference with physical ailments, stress, pain, depression, anxiety and much more. Jennifer is in good standing with her membership and education with the international BodyTalk association. Jennifer’s passion for her work and her skills in facilitating the mind-body tools of the BodyTalk system will help you connect with your own innate ability to heal.

Alona Babko – Registered Massage Therapist

Alona Babko is a highly skilled registered massage therapist who has a passion for helping others. Her skill set includes a variety of techniques to tailor each clients treatment to release tension and restore balance. Alona performs an orthopedic assessment for all new clients to help determine the nature of the complaint, whether it relates to muscle weakness, postural deviation, stress, work or recreational related issues.

Alona is experienced with Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Myofascial, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone and TMJ massage. Having a great awareness and respect for the human body Alona enjoys helping clients regain mobility and function.

In her down time Alona looks forward to spending time with her husband and two boys, as well as jogging and swimming. Growing up in Ukraine it was her dream to live close to mountains!!! Alona is excited to work at Precision Spinal Care focusing on assisting clients with their therapeutic and lifestyle goals!

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